Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nancy Ajram - Yup and a Halfنانسي عجرم - آه ونصAh we Nos

Updated media and translation

This was perhaps Nancy's breakthrough song, and the lyrics don't completely make sense in English or Arabic. "Ah" means "yeah" or "yup" so "Ah we Nuss" means like "yeah and a half" which means "yes for sure." I've translated it as "yup and a half" to convey how ridiculous it sounds in Arabic.

Nancy Ajram - Yup and a Half

There's nothing that could come of this
Calm down, my darling, and be like you used to be
Listen to me, kid
And you'll spoil me and win me over as well

Darling come here
Look look look
You're mad? Get mad
Get mad but, but just half mad
Otherwise I'll stay away from you
Get away, yup and a half (meaning definitely)
And for sure you'll be the loser

Why all this?
Why are you acting like this?
You don't usually get bored
I'm tired, I've had a lot of sleepless nights
Calm down, that's enough, shame on you

This is a tiresome thing and as much as I'm a good person
I've been putting up with you for so long
Darling look how many years I've been patient
It's taken so much of my time

نانسي عجرم - آه ونص

مافيش حاجة تيجي كده
اهدا حبيبي كده وارجع زي زمان
يابني اسمعني
تاخد عيني كمان

حبيبي قرب
بص وبص بص
زعلان ازعل , ازعل نص نص
لاحسن هبعد, ابعد اه ونص
وهتبقى انت اكيد خسران

ليه ده كل ده
اخدت على كده
انت مابتزهقش ملام
تعبت يانا يانا ليالي حيرانه
اهدا بقى وكفاية حرام

دي حاجة متعبة
اكمني طيبة
مستحملاك وبقالي كتير
حبيبي شوف انا صبرت كام سنة خدت وقت معايا كبير

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