Saturday, June 20, 2009

Abdel Halim Hafez - The Messiahعبد الحليم حافظ - المسيحEl Maseeh

Updated media and translation

The lyrics to this song hold quite a few surprises. Disguised as a song about Jesus Christ, this is really song of outrage against Israel over the occupation of Jerusalem.

Abdel Halim Hafez - The Messiah

Oh my words, circle the whole world far and wide
And open the eyes of mankind which have inherited the Earth
On the Earth the Messiah left his footprint
On the Earth the Messiah bled out his pain

In Jerusalam on the Via Dolorosa
And in Hebron the bells of the churches rang
In the desert the Bible was born
How long will justice remain lost in you oh Via Dolorosa?
And how long will the light in the conscience be off
And the stars of peace?
And how long must messiah after messiah march, wounded there on this land?
How long must they continue crying out?

With crown of thorns upon his forhead and a cross upon his shoulder
Now oh Jerusalem your son, like the Messiah was, is a stranger
With crown of thorns upon his forhead and a cross upon his shoulder
They betrayed him... Those same Jews betrayed him
Now, oh Jerusalem, your son, like the Messiah, must return
To the land/earth (same word, double meaning)

عبد الحليم حافظ - المسيح

ياكلمتي لفي ولفي الدنيا طولها وعرضها
وفتحي عيون البشر للي حصل علي ارضها
علي ارضها طبع المسيح قدمه
علي ارضها نزف المسيح ألمه

في القدس في طريق الآلام ..
وفي الخليل رنت تراتيل الكنايس
في الخلا صبح الوجود انجيل

تفضل تضيع فيك الحقوق لامتي ياطريق الآلام
وينطفي النور في الضمير وتنطفي نجوم السلام
ولامتي فيك يمشي جريح ..
ولامتي فيك يفضل يصيح
مسيح ورا مسيح ورا مسيح علي أرضها

تاج الشوك فوق جبينه وفوق كتفه الصليب
دلوقت ياقدس ابنك زي المسيح غريب غريب
تاج الشوك فوق جبينه وفوق كتفه الصليب
خانوه... خانوه نفس اليهود
ابنك ياقدس زي المسيح لازم يعود ..
علي أرضها

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