Friday, June 26, 2009

Nawal al-Zoghbi - They've Always Said Itنوال الزغبي - ياما قالواYama Alou

Updated media and translation

Nawal al-Zoghbi - They've Always Said It

They've always said it
Go ahead let em say it
That our love is like this and our love is like that
And we've spread our passion everywhere
Let em repeat it
More and more
This is this is what I feel and what I'm going through
My love, you guys, is better than a dream

Get close to my heart that's always sang for you
That dreams of being with you
And keeps on hoping

My soul my life
I'm melting in your love
You and me are one
I'm part of you
And my love is yours

It's hell for me to wait like this, my darling, when I have this in my heart
My feelings could fill this entire world
Come see me
Missing you has melted me and tortured me
And I'm still just as confused

نوال الزغبي - ياما قالوا

ياما قالوا
ما يقولوا
حبينا كده وهوينا كده
و ملينا الدنيا غرام في غرام
ما يعيدوا
و يزيدوا
ده اللي انا حاساه و اللي انا عيشاه
في الحب يا ناس ولافي الاحلام

قرب من قلبي اللي عشانك
ياما غنى و غنى
و بيحلم بلقاك يا حبيبي
و لسه بيتمنى

روحي انا عمري انا
انا دايبة في حبك و هواك
ده انت انا اه يا انا
انا منك وهوايا هواك

على ناري يا حبيبي
بستنى كده و في قلبي كده
أشواق تملى الدنيا بحالها
ح تجيني
الشوق دوب فيا و عذب
و الحيرة بتفظل على حالها

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abdel Halim Hafez - Beautiful Liarعبد الحليم حافظ - حلو وكذابHelw wa Kezzab

Updated media and translation

المتصفح الذي لديك لايدعم مشغل الأغاني. دبر حالك و روح نزل البرنامج أو .<A HREF="">اضغط هنا</A> لسماع الأغنية.

Abdel Halim Hafez - Beautiful Liar

Beautiful liar why did I believe you?
It's my fault that I obeyed you

Liar... a beautiful liar

Why have you been lying to me from the first date
Shame on you
If you asked for my eyes I'd walk across the country and bring them to you as a gift
What's so hard about just coming and saying "hi" to me and going on your way?
You beautiful liar

I waited along time, delusional, suffering, not knowing what's real (literally something like, "my eyes were confused")
And what's gonna happen if you meet me once and you take pity on me
What's so hard about just coming and saying "hi" to me and going on your way?
Beautiful liar

عبد الحليم حافظ - حلو وكذاب

حلو وكذاب ليه صدقتـك
الحق عليّ اني طاوعتـك

كــذاب .. حلــو وكــذاب

ليه تكذب عليّ من اول ميعاد ده حرام الأسيــــه
لو تطلب عينيّه امشيلك بلاد واجيبهم هديّــــــــه
وفيها ايه ايه لو جيتني تسلّم بس وتفوتنـــــــي
حلو وكذاب ..

طوّلت انتظاري بين وهمي وناري وحيرة عينيّه
وايه اللي يجرى لو توعدني مره وتعطف علـيّ
وفيها ايه ايه لو جيتني تسلّم بس وتفوتنـــــــي
حلو وكذاب

Abdel Halim Hafez - Loving You is Hellعبد الحليم حافظ - حبك نارHobak Nar

Updated media and translation

There's one small point here in the translation that the word "naar (نار)" means both "hell" and "fire" in Arabic and is being used interchangeably here. He's talking about the torment he goes through in his love for her, represented as a burning fire, but the experience of that fire is best translated in English as the idea of "going through hell" as we say.

Abdel Halim Hafez - Loving You is Hell

Loving you is hell
Being away from you is hell
Being in your presence is hell (because he can't profess his love)
And more than hell

It's hell, my darling, hell
Your love is a fire (same word for hell) that I don't want to put out
Or let there be a moment I don't feel it
A fire, my darling, that woke me up and healed me
I love the world when I'm experiencing it

It's hell, my darling, hell
You melt me apart with this wonderful torment
And I send you a message with my eyes
It's not blame nor is it reproach my darling
It's nothing more than the word "ah" (which is an exclamation of pain)

Oh darling I love you

Oh, if you knew what I'm going through
And the desire that I've been hiding from you
Would your heart be up all night too with my heart saying "ah"?

Oh darling I love you

It's hell, my darling, hell

عبد الحليم حافظ - حبك نار

حبك نـــــــــــــــار
بعدك نــــــــــــــــــار
قربك نــــــــــــــار
وأكثر من نـــــــــــار

نار يا حبيبي نار
حبك نار مش عايز اطفيها ولا اخليهـــــــا
دقيقه تفوتني ما احسش بيهــــــــــــــــــا
نار يا حبيبي .. نار صحتني .. نار خلتنــي
احب الدنيا واعيش لياليهــــــــــــــــــــــــا

نار يا حبيبي نار
يا مذوبني بأحلى عـــــــــذاب
بابعثلك بعنيّه جــــــــــــــواب
مش لوم يا حبيبي ولا عتــاب
مش اكثر من كلمـــــــــــة آه

آه يا حبيبي بحبك

آه لو تعرف اللي انا فيــــــــه
والشوق اللي غلبت اداريــــه
كان قلبك يسهر لياليــــــــــــه
مع قلبي ويقول لــــــــــــه آه

آه يا حبيبي بحبك

نار يا حبيبي نار

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wael Kfoury - Get Close to Meوائل كفوري - قرب ليا

Updated media and translation

Sounds like a love song, but in the video its all about him and his kid.

Wael Kfoury - Get Close to Me

Darling get close to me
So my arms can hold you
You know how much I love you
And how precious you are to me

Darling may you be by my side
I want nothing but your eyes
I'm afraid of being my myself
If you're away from me for a little

How I love you when you speak
While you draw a smile on your lips
How I love you when you cry and complain
When I'm holding you with me
Darling you are the most wonderful person
My life is more wonderful with you
Your aroma your charm
Your voice your image
Have become part of me, inside me

Oh sweetheart reassure me that you won't leave me
You are my love and the trembling of my heart
And you are the light of my eyes
Oh darling you are precious
You are the moon of the nights
Stay beside me and put my mind at ease
And hold me tenderly

وائل كفوري - قرب ليا

يا حبيبي قرب ليّ
تضمك بايدي
انت بتعرف انا شو بحبك
وقديش غالي عليّ

حبيبي خليك حدي
غير عيونك ما بدي
بخاف الوحدة ابقى لوحدي
لو بتغيب شويه

شو بحبك لما بتحكي
ترسم ع شفافك ضحكة
شو بحبك لما بتبكي بتشكي
وعم بتغلغل فييّ
حبيبي انتا الاحلى
عمري بقربك عم يحلى
عطرك سحرك
صوتك رسمك
صاروا مني وفييّ

يا حبيب قلبي طمني
انك ما بتبعد عني
انت حبي ورعشة قلبي
وانت نور عينيّ
يا حبيبي انتا الغالي
انت قمر الليالي
ظل قبالي وريح بالي
وغمرني بحنية

Fairouz - The Night Became Calmفيروز - سكن الليلSakan el Leil

The lyrics are from a poem by Jibran Khalil Jibran. This english translation of mine does not do the beauty of the song justice.

Fairouz - The Night Became Calm

The night became calm
And in the cloak of calmness was hidden the dreams
The full moon widened
And in the moon watched over the days
So come my daughter of the fields
Let us visit the vineyard of lovers
Perhaps we will extinguish the flame of desire with the sweet juice
The nightingale is heard amidst the fields pouring out melodies
In the space that the hills breathed a breeze of sweet basil
Don't fear, my girl
For the stars can hold their tongue
And the fog of night in that vineyard covers the secrets
Do not fear
For the bride of jinn
In her enchanted cave
Slept sweetly and was on the verge being hidden from the pitch black eyes
And the king of the jinn if he passed by he would leave diverted by love
For he is like me a lover
How can he betray that which consumes him (with love)?

فيروز - سكن الليل

سكن الليل و في ثوب السكون تختبي الأحلام
وسع البدر و للبدر عيون ترصد الأيام
فتعالي يا إبنة الحقل نزور كرمة العشاق
علنا نطفي بذياك العصير حرقة الأشواق
سمع البلبل ما بين الحقول يسكب الألحان
في فضاء نفخت فيه التلول نسمة الريحان
لا تخافي يا فتاتي فالنجوم تكتم الأخبار
و ضباب الليل في تلك الكروم يحجب الأسرار
لا تخافي فعروس الجن في كهفها المسحور
هجعت سكرى و كادت تختفي عن عيون الحور
و مليك الجن إن مر يروح و الهوى يثنيه
فهو مثلي عاشق كيف يبوح بالذي يضنيه

Lyrics transcription from

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oum Kalsoum - All My Loveأم كلثوم - الحب كلهEl Hob Kollo

Updated media and translation

Umm Kalthoum - All the Love

All the love I loved was yours
All my love
And all my time I lived for you
All my time

Darling tell the world with me
And tell every heart that's ever beaten
Oh world, my love
This life is nothing but love

Water me and fill me
And water me again
Water me again with your love
From you
From the light of my time
Water me, you who since the day I met you
I felt as if I was born again

Oh Soul of my heart, life of my days
Oh soul of my heart
Oh darling angel of my dreams
Oh soul of my heart
What was I before I saw you?
What was I?
And why was I even living, my darling?
I walked the road of my life, before you, in an endless night
No heart beside me to feel me, nor any beautiful specter
And when I saw you
The first time I saw you
I found myself drawn to you with all the desire in the world
And with all the love of the world I went to you and ran to you
I called I called on the world herself

The thirsty love thirsts in my heart calling for you
I get insomnia if I'm the least bit worried about you
You're the most beautiful of the angels (rough translation)
You are my soul and all my years and light of my life
My life, what am I to you
My love, I was born for you, solely for you
For you
And my heart lived on the touch of your affection
Solely your affection
Your affection
The days are beautiful
The dreams are beautiful
My life is beautiful
Oh so beautiful
Beautiful and fleeting
Beautiful my life
Oh the time
Oh long nights with beautiful dreams... with you
Oh the time
Oh nights that pass killing my hopes and leaving us ashes
What's in it if you forget two in love?
In love and living

Oh darling oh aroma of desire
My destiny from my nights of desire
What is this poetry you have in your eyes that made the most beautiful words jealous
What is the scent of this perfume of your hands
From the spring in your lips
From the nights in your eyes
From the flames in your cheeks
From the tenderness in your hand
My soul got lost on this journey and I was lost with it
Protect me from the sands of time, protect me
And hide me far from the prying eyes
About the great joy
My fear is that he won't take it nor will he leave me
My fear is that this great happiness will be taken from me

أم كلثوم - الحب كله

الحب كله حبيته فيك
الحب كله
وزماني كله انا عشتوا ليك
زماني كله
حبيبي قول للدنيا معايا
ولكل قلب بدقته حس
يا دنيا حبي وحبي وحبي
ده العمر هو الحب وبس
واسقيني واملئ
واسقيني تاني
اسقيني تاني من الحب
من نور زماني
اسقيني ياللي من يوم ما شفتك
حسيت كأني اتخلقت تاني

روح قلبي يا حياة ايامي
يا روح قلبي
يا حبيبي يا ملاك احلامي احلامي
يا روح قلبي
انا كنت ايه قبل ما اشوفك
انا كنت ايه
وكنت عايش يا حبيبي ايامي ليه
ايامي ليه
طريق حياتي مشيته قبلك في ليل طويل
لا قلب جمبي يحس بيا ولا طيف جميل
ولما شفتك اول ما شفتك بكل شوق الدنيا لقيتني
مشدود اليك
وفي كل حب الدنيا انا جيتك وجريت عليك
ناديت ناديت عالدنيا فحالها
والكل قلبي بدقته حس
يا دنيا حبي وحبي وحبي
ده العمر هو الحب وبس

الهوى العطشان عطشان في قلبي بينده لك
يا ارق من النسمة واجمل من ملاك
انت روحي وكل عمري ونور حياتي
يا حياتي ايه انا بالنسبه لك
حبيبي ده انا مخلوق علشانك يا دوب علشانك
علشانك انت
وقلبي قلبي عاش على لمس حنانك يا دوب حنانك
حنانك انت
حلوة الايام حلوة
حلوة الأحلام حلوة
حلوة حياتي
حلوة يا سلام
حلوة بتمر قوام
حلوة ويا حياتي
يا زمان يا زمان يا زمان
يا ليالي طويلة احلامها جميلة .... معاك
يا زمان يا زمان يا زمان
ياليالي بتجري بتقتل اماني وتفوتنا رماد
فيها ايه لو تنسى اثنين في الحب
دايبين عايشين
عايشين نقول للدنيا بحالها
والكل قلبي بدقته حس
يا دنيا حبي وحبي وحبي
ده العمر هوه الحب وبس

يا حبيبي يا عبير الشوق يا حبيبي
يا نصيبي من ليالي الشوق يا حبيبي
شعر ايه ده الكلام اللي ف عنيك
خلا احلى كلام يغير
عطر ايه ده العبير اللي ف ايديك
بيقول ايديك هيا العبير
من الربيع اللي ف شفايفك
من الليالي اللي ف عنيك
من اللهيب اللي ف خدودك
من الحنان اللي ف ايديك
رحلة تاهت روحي فيها وتهت فيها
خبيني من الزمن خبيني
وبعيد عن عيونه داريني
عالفرحه الكبيره خوفي لا ياخدها ولا يخليني
خلينا نقول للدنيا فحالها
ولكل قلبي بدقته حس
يا دنيا حبي وحبي وحبي
ده العمر هوه الحب وبس

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nawal al-Zoghbi - O Jerusalemنوال الزغبي - يا قدسYa Quds

Updated media and translation

Maybe a bit more nationalistic and political than we are used to from Nawal.

Nawal al-Zoghbi - O Jerusalem

O Jerusalem, how I long to pray
Where hope is in your beloved soil
Won't you rise and smash the reigns of tyranny
And return to its people the plundered nation

You're ours, you're ours at dusk and in the morning
You're ours, how do we end the bleeding of the wounds?
You're ours, you're ours O Jerusalem land of generosity

My hand take my hand
Let us write devotion for Jerusalem
Tomorrow there is an appointment for the blood of the martyrs
Our hope remains for us
Or may the heavens hear our sound

نوال الزغبي - يا قدس

يا قدس كم أتوق إلى الصلاة
حيث الرجاء في ترابك الحبيب
ألا أنهضي و حطّمي قيد الطغاة
و أرجعي لأهله الوطن السليب

أنت لنا أنت لنا في الغروب و الصباح
أنت لنا كيف لنا أن نسكت نزف الجراح
أنت لنا أنت لنا يا قدس يا أرض السماح

هذي يدي خذ بيدي
نكتب للقدس الوفاء
يوم غد في الموعد
لها دماء الشهداء
يبقى لنا إيمانن
ا و لتسمع الصوت السماء

Abdel Halim Hafez - The Messiahعبد الحليم حافظ - المسيحEl Maseeh

Updated media and translation

The lyrics to this song hold quite a few surprises. Disguised as a song about Jesus Christ, this is really song of outrage against Israel over the occupation of Jerusalem.

Abdel Halim Hafez - The Messiah

Oh my words, circle the whole world far and wide
And open the eyes of mankind which have inherited the Earth
On the Earth the Messiah left his footprint
On the Earth the Messiah bled out his pain

In Jerusalam on the Via Dolorosa
And in Hebron the bells of the churches rang
In the desert the Bible was born
How long will justice remain lost in you oh Via Dolorosa?
And how long will the light in the conscience be off
And the stars of peace?
And how long must messiah after messiah march, wounded there on this land?
How long must they continue crying out?

With crown of thorns upon his forhead and a cross upon his shoulder
Now oh Jerusalem your son, like the Messiah was, is a stranger
With crown of thorns upon his forhead and a cross upon his shoulder
They betrayed him... Those same Jews betrayed him
Now, oh Jerusalem, your son, like the Messiah, must return
To the land/earth (same word, double meaning)

عبد الحليم حافظ - المسيح

ياكلمتي لفي ولفي الدنيا طولها وعرضها
وفتحي عيون البشر للي حصل علي ارضها
علي ارضها طبع المسيح قدمه
علي ارضها نزف المسيح ألمه

في القدس في طريق الآلام ..
وفي الخليل رنت تراتيل الكنايس
في الخلا صبح الوجود انجيل

تفضل تضيع فيك الحقوق لامتي ياطريق الآلام
وينطفي النور في الضمير وتنطفي نجوم السلام
ولامتي فيك يمشي جريح ..
ولامتي فيك يفضل يصيح
مسيح ورا مسيح ورا مسيح علي أرضها

تاج الشوك فوق جبينه وفوق كتفه الصليب
دلوقت ياقدس ابنك زي المسيح غريب غريب
تاج الشوك فوق جبينه وفوق كتفه الصليب
خانوه... خانوه نفس اليهود
ابنك ياقدس زي المسيح لازم يعود ..
علي أرضها

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nancy Ajram - Take Your Eyes Off Meنانسي عجرم - شيل عيونك عنيSheel Oyoonak Anni

Updated media and translation

This is little Nancy's first big song when she was fifteen or something. The video starts with a group of very young girls trying to avoid the gaze of what appears to be the sight of a sniper rifle (we're later relieved to find that in fact it is just a creepy guy watching Nancy on a security camera). Although she initially tries to shake the lurid gaze, she finally succumbs and says "Look at me, I wanna sing." And a star was born

Nancy Ajram - Take Your Eyes Off Me

Take your eyes off me
Leave me along I wanna sing
My heart is still little
You're confusing me
One glance from you drives me crazy
One glance from you drives me crazy
Oh... drives me crazy

Your glances are not calm
They want, but you don't know what you want
Tell them they better not cross the line
Tell them they better not cross the line
Get away from me, I wanna sing
Get away from me, I wanna sing
Oh... I wanna sing

Your eyes' glances are dangerous
And the most dangerous thing is they're beautiful
They cast their spell on me years ago
They cast their spell on me years ago
Look at me, I wanna sing
Look at me, I wanna sing
Oh... I wanna sing

نانسي عجرم - شيل عيونك عني

شيل عيونك عني
تركني اعرف غني
بعدو قلبي صغير
محيرني ومحير
نظرة منك بتجنني
نظرة منك بتجنني
آه... بتجنني

نظراتك مش عم تتهدى
بدا وما بتعرف شو بدك
قلا لازم تلزم حدا
قلا لازم تلزم حدا
وتبعد عني بدي غني
وتبعد عني بدي غني
آه... بدي غني

نظرات عيونك خطرين
واخطر ما فيهن حلوين
سحرن ساحرني من سنين
سحرن ساحرني من سنين
اطلع فيي بدي غني
اطلع فيي بدي غني
آه... بدي غني

Farid al-Atrache - Love Meفريد الأطراش - حبيناHabeena

Updated media, lyrics and translation

This song is from the 1970s film Naghem fi Hayati (نغم في حياتي) starring Farid al-Atrache and this clip, I think, should be considered a piece of Lebanese cultural history. Pay attention to the fashion, and to the bald guy dancing with a plate a food after the first verse.

The user momentofserenity on brings us this nice bit of trivia:

"This song was originally written for Georgina Rizk upon her winning Miss Universe Pageant in 1971. The lyrics started as "Georgina Georgina... Habbaynaki Hebbina" Yet, the Lebanese Radio station refused to broadcast it due to a law that forbade broadcasting songs on public figures at that time. Therefore, Farid El Atrache decided to change the lyrics into "Hebbina Hebbina... Habbaynaki Hebbina" and release the song in the film. The Lebanese Radio Station's loss is indeed Arabic Cinema's gain."

Probably for this reason you notice he is actually saying "love us" in the song, to rhyme with Georgina, but I've translated it in the first person for the sake of sounding nice in English.

Farid al-Atrache - Love Me

Love me, love me, I love you so love me
If I had not fallen in love with your eyes, I wouldn't have troubled myself and come here

I've fallen in love, I've fallen
And I've gotten lost on the path of love
I've suffered so much, and I've followed you for so long

I swear I'm sacrificing my soul
It's not possible for me to reveal this secret
Wherever you want I'll go, take me wherever you want
Oh night, sing of love, it's just beginning

Let the lovers flirt and play hard to get
You beautiful girl, my love and my sleeplessness
This is love is public, and God has permitted it

I've loved you for so long, you flower on the branch of Lebanon
Be kind to the infatuated heart, be nice to me my pretty
I swear upon the songbird, my soul calls out your name
Be kind my gazelle of the valley and hold me in your heart

فريد الأطرش - حبينا

حبينا حبينا، حبيناكي حبينا
لو ما حبينا عيونك، لا تعذَّبنا ولا جينا
حبينا حبينا حبيناكي حبينا..

وقعنا بالحب وقعنا، وعا درب الهوى ضعنا
وياما وياما تلوَّعنا، وياما وراكي مشــينا
وحياتك منضحِّي الروح ومش ممكن بالسر نبوح
مطرح ما بدِّك منـروح، وين مـا بدِّك ودِّينــا

ياليل غني الحب بعده بأوَّلــه خلِّي الحبايب يتقلوا ويتدلَّلوا
يا حلوة الحلوين حبي وسهري ده الحب بين النـاس الله محلله
يا ليل
حبيناكي من زمان، يا زهرة على غصن البان
حنِّي عالقلب الولهان، ويا حلوة توصِّي فينـا

وحياة الطير الشادي روحي بإسمك بتنادي
حنِّي يا غزال الوادي وجوَّا قلبك خبِّينــا
حبينا حبينا حبيناكي حبينا

Lyrics transcription from here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fairuz - Old Jerusalemفيروز - القدس العتيقةQuds al Atika

Updated media and translation

This song is off of Fairuz's album entitled "Al Quds fi al Bal (القدس في البال)" or "Jerusalem in My Heart," which was released in 1971 a few years after the Arab armies had suffered a crushing defeat to Israel in 1967 and Israel occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank. Fairuz is describing a scene of seeing Old Jerusalem, then envisioning what it must have been like before the Israelis came and took over many of the neighborhoods and uprooted many of the families.

Fairuz - Old Jerusalem

I passed through the streets
The streets of Old Jerusalem
In front of the shops
That remained of Palestine
We talked about what had happened together
And they gave me a vase
They said to me this is a gift
From the "waiting people"

And I walked the streets
The streets of Old Jerusalem
I stood at the doorways
We become companions
And their sad eyes of the city's energy
Take me and move me with the torment of feeling estranged

There was a land and there were hands building beneath the sun and the wind
And there were houses and windows
Blossoming, and there were children with books in their hands
And in one night rage flowed into the houses
And the black hands unhinged the doors
And the houses became ownerless
Between them and their houses barbed-wire fence
And fire and the black hands

I'm screaming in the streets
The streets of Old Jerusalem
Let the songs storm and rumble
O my voice continue to stir up a hurricane with these consciences
Now I know what happened to them
Perhaps my conscience will awaken

فيروز - القدس العتيقة

مريت بالشوارع
شوارع القدس العتيقة

قدام الدكاكين
البقيت من فلسطين

حكينا سوى الخبرية
وعطيوني مزهرية

قالوا لي هيدي هدية من الناس الناطرين

و مشيت بالشوارع
شوارع القدس العتيقة

اوقف عباب بواب
صارت و صرنا صحاب

وعينيهن الحزينة من طاقة المدينة
تاخدني و توديني بغربة العذاب
كان في أرض و كان في ايدين
عم بتعمر تحت الشمس و تحت الريح

و صار في بيوت و صار في شبابيك
عم بتزهر صار في ولاد و بايديهم في كتاب

بليل كلو ليل سال الحقد بفية البيوت
و الايدين السودا خلعت البواب
و صارت البيوت بلا صحاب

بينن و بين بيوتن فاصل الشوك
و النار و الايدين السودا

عم صرخ بالشوارع
شوارع القدس العتيقة

خلي الغنيي تصير عواصف و هدير
يا صوتي ضلك طاير زوبع بهالضماير
خبرهن عللي صاير بلكي بيوعى الضمير

Asmahan - O Birdsأسمهان - يا طيورYa Toyour

Part two of Dakhelt fi Marra Genina (دخلت في مرة جنينة) composed by Farid al Atrache for his sister Asmahan. To read more about Asmahan, see her bio here

Asmahan - O Birds

O birds
Sing of my love and chant my passion and hopes
To the one who is right beside me not paying attention to what's happening to me (i.e. in her love)
I complain to him and he smiles and makes me grow fonder of him
O birds
Describe him my state of sleeplessness and sobbing (literally tears)

The birds sang the sweetest words from the treetops
The branches swayed from the felicity of their melodies
And my heart was infatuated
And the breeze blew gently carrying their beautiful sound
As the flowers emanated the fragrance of longing
And the brook sang along with them

The air filled with tenderness sending away my longing and disgrace
Oh how I hope his affection and love and favor will be mine

He's happy with his handsomeness and youth, devoid of sorrows
If he was in love, sleepless, feeling what I feel
He would cry from his torment and wail along with the crying birds (literally, the curlew, which apparently is a bird that makes a crying sound, we don't have them in north America)

أسمهان - يا طيور

يا طيور غني حبي وانشدي وجدي وآمالى
للي جنبي واللــي شايف ماجرى لي

اشتـــكى لـــه يبتسم ويزيـــد ولوعـــــي
ياطيور صوري له حالي من سهدى ودموعي

غنت الاطيار من فوق الاشجار اعذب الاشعار
مالت الاغصان من هنا الالحان والفؤاد ولهان

والنســــيم يســــــري عليل يحمل الصوت الجمــيل
والزهور فاحت بعطر الاماني والغدير ردد معاها الاغاني

امتلا الجو حنان يشرح الشوق والهوان
ياريت نصيبي عطفه ووداده وميله ليه

سعيد بحسنه وشبابه خالي من الاشجان
لو كان بيعشق ونابه حظي وانا سهران
لا كان بكى من عذابه وناح مع الكروان

Lyrics transcription from here

Asmahan - Once I Entered a Garden أسمهان - دخلت في مرة جنينةDakhelt fi Marra Genina

Composed for Asmahan by her brother Farid al-Atrache. For part two of the song entitled El Tuyour الطيور (The Birds), click here. To read more about Asmahan, see her bio here

Asmahan - Once I Entered a Garden

Once I entered a garden to smell the scent of the flowers
And distract my sad soul and listen to the song of the birds

I looked and found on the branches a nightingale with his mate
Standing with her in silence
It made me happy to see him

He put his wing around her as he took care of her tenderly
And from his love for her, he sang her a comforting song

And then he said to her "My angel, anything you need just ask"
"I'd give my life and soul for you, don't ever leave me"

And after a long while of drinking from the cup of togetherness
His beautiful lover started to play hard to get

She flew off without checking up on him, leaving him in agony
Poor guy, my heart goes out to him
Passion has melted his heart

He stayed up that night counting the stars as the full moon watched over him
His worries grew upon him, but where could he find the strength to go on (or patience)?

And what also increased his torment was that his lover had gone to another
And made his affliction worse
My dear, he got a bad lot

I left feeling sorry for him
His situation could make a rock cry
He maintained his love for her, and she betrayed the covenant of their love

أسمهان - دخلت في مرة جنينة

دخلت مرة جنينة اشم ريحة الزهور
وسلّي نفسي الحزينة واسمع نشيد الطيور

بصيت لقيت على الغصون بلبل ويّا وليفته
واقف معاها بسكون انا فرحت لما شفته

فارد جناحه عليها وبيراعيها بحنان
وهو من حبه فيها غنلها لحن الأمان

وقال لها يا ملاكي اللي تعوزية اطلبيه
روحي وعقلي فداك حبيبك أوعي تسيبيه

وبعد مدة طويلة في شرب كاس الوصال
لقت حبيبته الجميلة زادت عليه الدلال

طارت ما سألتش فيه وخلفتله العذاب
مسكين يا روحي عليه قلبه من الوجد داب

سهر يعد النجوم والبدر شاهد عليه
طالت عليه الهموم وبس يصبر بإيه

واللي كمان زاد عذابه وليفته لافت بغيره
وزودتله مصابُه وساء يا روحي مصيره

خرجتِ صعبان علي حالتُه تبكّي الجماد
حفظ ودادها وهيّ خانت عهود الوداد

Lyrics transcription from here

Asmahan - When Will You Realize?أسمهان - امتى حتعرفImta Hataref

This song is from Asmahan's second and final film entitled Gharam Wa Intiqam غرام وانتقام (Passion and Revenge) which was not completed before she died in a mysterious and fatal car accident in July of 1944. To read more about Asmahan, see her bio here

Line by line explanation in the Egyptian Arabic Course Blog

Asmahan - When Will You Realize?

When will you realize?
When will you realize I love you
When will you realize that I love you
When, when, when
When will you realize

(Hear that, she's talkin to you kid)
(You talkin to me?)
(Huh? no, uh, I made a mistake sir, I'm confused, talking to myself...)

I confide in your specter, and I hope to see you
You've never felt sorry for me or check up on me
How long are you going to keep confusing me and adding to my troubles
You whose lose is in my imagination and my soul and my blood

(hear that? this is like a love letter to you) he said this with a Lebanese accent
(I don't understand what you're saying)
(You don't understand anything)

I kept on hiding my love for you
My love for you in my heart
I kept on hiding my love for you in my heart
And told myself to be patient and consoled myself as the fire inside me grew
And I figure to tell you how I feel and divulge my love to you
Could your heart not be aware as my heart suffers?
You whose lose is in my imagination and my soul and my blood

You made me love you and I hope to be close to you
Grace me one day with your presence and have mercy on me
And you'll taste my passion that is wounded by you
I'm singing for you!
You whose lose is in my imagination and my soul and my blood

أسمهان - امتى حتعرف

إمتى حتعرف إمتى إنّي بحبّك إمتى
إمتى حتعرف إمتى إمتى إمتى
إمتى حتعرف

(سامع؟.. الكلام إلك يا جارة)
(إنتّ بتكلمني؟)
(نعم؟.. لأ!.. غلطان يا بيي.. عمقروِش.. بحكي مع حالي)

بناجي طيفك واتمنى أشوفك
لا يوم عطفتِ عليّ ولا انتَ سائل فيَّ
وِلإمتى حَتحيّر بالي وتزوّد همّي
يللي غرامك في خيالي وبروحي ودمي
إمتى حتعرف إمتى إنّي بحبّك إمتى..

(سامع؟.. هيّ رسالة غرام إلك..)
(مالي فاهم عليك..)
(إنت مالك فهمان شي..)

فضلت اخبّي حبك، حبك بقلبي حبّك
فضلت أخبّي
وصبّره وواسيه والنار بترعى فيه
وخفت أقللك على حالي واشرح لك حبي
ليكون فؤادك مش داري وتعذّب قلبي
يللي غرامك في خيالي وبروحي ودمي
إمتى حتعرف إمتى إنّي بحبّك إمتى..

خلتني أحبك واتمنى قربك
اسعدني يوم بلقاك ترحمني فيه برضاك
وتدوق غرامي اللي جرحته
أنا لك بغنّي
ليكون فؤادك مش داري وتعذّب قلبي
يللي غرامك في خيالي وبروحي ودمي
إمتى حتعرف إمتى إنّي بحبّك إمتى

Lyrics transcription from here

Ziad Rahbaniزياد رحباني

Click play to listen to Ziad while you read!


Those who are familiar with the Arabic music scene, know that for all the musical accomplishments of the early composers and singers, and for all the popularity of Arab musicians both in the Arab world and internationally, innovation, or perhaps appreciation for innovation, is noticeably lacking. This is only natural considering the economic and technological challenges of creating music and funding its continued production in these Arab countries, most of which are home to struggling economies, not to mention that freedom of expression is by and large muted and artists that address issues such as politics, sex, religion, minorities and the like have been and continue to be persecuted. On the level of content, art is subject to a large degree of state control and manipulation, and is threatened by a need to compete with the massive production capabilities of the United States and other Western countries whose cheap and crude cultural exports dictate the world music trends and fashion, resulting in an inexplicably bland and often obnoxious imitation of pop music aesthetics that are barely accepted as art in the West. Large corporations like Rotana monopolize production of these songs and video clips , spewing homogenized garbage music designed for mass consumption and the masses, due to this flood of noise and a lack of an alternative, either accept this music and enjoy it for what it is or reject it in favor of foreign products or lo-fi recordings of local artists.

Of course none of that dark picture is really any different than the state of the American music industry. It's the economic and sociopolitical problems that at the end of the day inhibit independent production of art, and more importantly, its distribution. In countries where not every 20-something has a MacBook and you could be jailed for disseminating your views on just about anything, artists are all the more at the mercy of those institutions that, rather than serving to promote art, seek to control it.

Perhaps for this reason the few artists that step out of the towering shadow of these institutions seem all the more impressive. Ziad Rahbani is one of these few and far between figures that has been able to innovate and, at times, instigate the Arabic music scene, making an artistic impact that transcends the music world. His plays have brought us some of the most creative and timeless musical compositions in the Arabic language, and his albums and words have inspired and enraged many. What is so remarkable about Ziad Rahbani is that he has sustained this high level of musical production and continued to transform as an artist across the decades, counted among the elite Arabic musicians to this very day. See this list of currently available translations of songs composed or performed by Ziad Rahbani on the site:

Performed by Ziad:

I'm Not a Heathen (انا مش كافر)
Pass it Around (دورها)


Joseph Saqer - Living By Herself Without You (عايشة وحدها بلاك)
Joseph Saqer - The Bus (البوسطة) for Fairuz version click here
Joseph Saqer - It's a Bad Situation (الحالة تعبانة)

Fairuz - I Trust in You (عندي ثقة فيك)
Fairuz - I've Sent You My Soul (بعتلك روحي)
Latefa - Secure Me a House (أمنلي بيت)

Selma - Suit Against Anonymous (دعوى ضد مجهول)
Selma - Don't Just Call Me (مش بس تلفنلي)

Biographical Information and Career

One would think that all this aforementioned artistic energy and innovation might arise from hard life experience or some sort of rags to riches background, however, Ziad Rahbani was almost the complete opposite of this, born into Lebanon's cultural elite to parents Assi Rahbani, who along with his brother Mansour was Lebanon's premiere composer, and Nuhad Haddad a.k.a. Fairuz, the most iconic Lebanese singer in the history of Arabic music. The Rahbani family is Lebanon's musical dynasty, and as son of the biggest composer and biggest singer in Lebanon, Ziad was heir to this dynasty. Yet, this sort of an upbringing might not produce anything more than a privileged, uninspired youth who more often than not pales in comparison to his parents or rejects their craft entirely. In Ziad's case, he was not only a musical prodigy surrounded by music since he was born, working side by side with his father, but also proved to be an intellectual of sorts, excelling in writing as well. Ziad mastered the piano at a young age, but his first work of note was actually a collection of poetry written in his teens entitled My Friend God (صديقي الله) (for download click here). He made his musical debut in the play The Station (المحطة), when his uncle Mansour asked him to compose the music to the song "The People Asked Me About You (سألوني الناس)", which he had written about his brother and Ziad's father Assi, who at that time was unable to work on music due to illness. This song, sung of course by wife of Assi and mother of Ziad, Fairuz, was a hit and gained Ziad his first recognition in the Arabic music world (click here to read and listen).

Ziad worked on a few plays with his uncle before moving on to his first play entitled Sahriyye (view it here) in 1973. Often featuring the singer Joseph Saqr, Ziad composed several subsequent plays throughout the 70s and 80s, which often contained political content and were a huge success on Lebanese radio. Here is a short list, some of which have links to video clips or music, and most of these plays' recordings are available on without picture:

1974: Nazl el Sourour نزل السرور
1978: Bennesbe La Boukra Shou? بنسبة لبكرا شو؟
1980: Film Ameriki Taweel فيلم أمريكي طويل
1983: Shi fashel شي فاشل
1990: Bikhsous el Karameh wel Cha3b el 3aneed بخصوص الكرامة والشعب العنيد
1994: Lawla Fos7at el Amali لولا فسحة الأمل

In the late 70s Ziad's parents, Fairuz and Assi Rahbani, separated, and from that time on Ziad became the composer of Fairuz's subsequent albums as listed.

1979: Wahdon وحدهن
1987: Maarifti Feek معرفتي فيك
1991: Kifak Inta كيفك انت
1999: Mish Kayen Heek Tkoun مش كاين هيك تكون
2001: Wala Kif ولله كيف

Ziad has many of his own albums as well, some of which feature collaborations with other artists, especially as his career went on and his singing voice faded.

1979: Abu Ali أبو علي
1984: Shereet Ghayr Huduudi شريط غير حدودي
1984: Huduu Nisbi هدوء نسبي
1985: Ana Moush Kafer انا مش كافر
1987: Hekaya حكاية
1986: Bi Hal Shekel بهالشكل
1996: Bema Enno بما أنو featuring Joseph Saqr
1996: Musakkafoun Noun مثقفون نون for Makhoul Kassouf
2001: Monodose featuring Selma
2006: Maloumat Akeeda معلومات أكيدة featuring Latefa

These are only a sampling of some of the musical and theatrical projects Ziad has worked on or contributed to, in addition to his concerts all over the Middle East and Europe.

Ziad's personal life was not without some chaos. His first marriage ended in divorce, and in 2009 he filed to disown his son from that marriage Assi Jr. when it was revealed by DNA test that Ziad was not his father, see news article here

His Music and Politics

Ziad Rahbani is regarded as a versatile composer not only for the creativity and originality of his compositions but also for his mastery of both "Oriental" and Western musical styles, and thus, is responsible for some of the most popular as well as some of the most critically acclaimed music in the Arab world. More than any other artist, Ziad Rahbani was responsible for developing a kind of "Arab jazz" that was pioneered by his father Assi and uncle Mansour and incorporated Western musical elements while utilizing a combination of traditional Arabic instruments alongside new instruments. Many of his most famous compositions in his plays and songs for Fairuz are of this nature, however, he also has recorded much that would be considered more experimental and further removed from the Arabic music scene in such albums as "Relative Calm (هدوء نسبي)" and his collaboration with Selma "Monodose."

The lyrics of Ziad Rahbani's music, sometimes composed by his friend Joseph Harb, always feature a certain candidness not typical of Arabic music that blends nicely with his free and sometimes playful musical style. Ziad Rahbani more than any other Arabic composer successfully utilizes sarcasm and wit in a way that gives his songs a unique tone.

Following in the footsteps of his uncles, many of Ziad's works deal with politics, expressing his socialist and sometimes nihilistic views that contained real social criticism. The Lebanon of his heyday was certainly a society in turmoil; between the years 1975 and 1990 Lebanon was in an almost constant state of civil war that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the flight of millions. The civil war broke down along ethnic and religious lines, although these lines were not clearly drawn since different factions constantly changed sides. Moreover, the majority of Lebanese who were living in a once integrated, diverse society found themselves caught in the crossfire, being forced to choose sides in a seemingly senseless circle of violence and chaos. By 1985, Lebanon was in the throes what is often considered the fourth phase of the civil war in which violence hit the Palestinian refugee camps hard following the withdrawal from Beirut of Israeli forces who had overseen one of the biggest massacres of the war, Sabra and Shateela.

In the midst of this escalating and increasingly confusing violence, Ziad Rahbani recorded one of his most important songs entitled "I Am Not a Heathen (أنا مش كافر)" in which he railed against the leaders of Lebanon's religious communities, collectively blaming them for destroying the social fabric of Lebanon and bringing pain and suffering to the once prosperous nation (see link for music and lyrics). Ziad's boldness in such tense times and his insistence on continuing to live in the Sunni Muslim quarter of Beirut despite his being Christian sent a clear message and established him as one of the vocal figures of the Lebanese opposition to the status quo, influencing other artists such as Julia Boutros to follow his lead.

The bitter irony of Arab politics in the latter half of the 20th century is that the same problems recur, and thus, the plays and songs of Ziad Rahbani still resonate in countries like Syria and Egypt where little has changed and Ziad's old works can be heard as if they were commenting on the present. It's true that the Lebanese Civil War has long since ended, but political unrest remains a feature of the Lebanese political landscape, and likewise, Ziad Rahbani remains a prominent figure as a political and social writer in addition to continuing his music. He currently writes a weekly column in the newspaper al-Akhbar commenting on the important political events of the day and writing, unlike most writers, in colloquial Lebanese Arabic dialect (click here to view).

Without a shred of doubt, Ziad Rahbani is counted among the Arab world's most influential and talented composers; however, unlike most Arab musicians who have shied away from political controversy and outspokenness, Ziad has continued to exercise his artistic, musical, and social freedom throughout his career. Looking at the the state of Lebanese and Arabic music today, we can see his influences on the artists of today, yet no musician as of yet has risen to fill his shoes. Perhaps it is a matter of time, or perhaps he is the last of a rare and dying breed in the Arab world. Either way, it is safe to say that all of us are lucky to have lived in his lifetime.


Asmahan - Come My Darlingأسمهان - يا حبيبي تعالYa Habibi Taala

Updated media and translation

To read more about Asmahan, see her bio here

Asmahan - Come My Darling

My darling come follow me
Look what's happened to me
In your absence
I'm sleepless and obligated to confide in your specter
Who could equal you?
I'm holding in my passion, and my passion is consuming me
And I have no father or mother or uncle to complain to about the torment of your love

My soul, heart, body, mind and beauty are in the palm of your hand
I don't know what do you with you teasing me and rejecting me
Why should I hide my passion when it is consuming me?
I'll complain, cry and speak, and perhaps, my dear, your heart will soften

I send letters and write responses complaining to you, dnd it hurts
I've been silent, patient and satisfied with this state from the start
I'm holding in my passion, and my passion is consuming me
And I'd give you my life and soul for you, my family, everything I own
And you don't ask

أسمهان - يا حبيبي تعال

يا حبيبى تعالا الحقنى شوف اللى جرالي....من بعدك
سهرانه من واجبى باناجى خيالك ... مين قدك
و انا كاتمة غرامى، و غرامى هالكنى
و لا عندى لا أب و لا أم و لا عم أشكيلة ... نار حبك

روحى و قلبى و جسمى و عقلى و جمالى ... فى يدك
محتارة اعملك اية فى دلالك ... و ف_صدك
لية هاخبى غرامى ... و غرامى هالكنى
لأشكى و أبكى و أحكى بلك يا غزالى ... يلين قلبك

يا حبيبى تعالا الحقنى شوف اللى جرالي....من بعدك
سهرانه من واجبى باناجى خيالك ... مين قدك
و انا كاتمة غرامى، و غرامى هالكنى
و لا عندى لا أب و لا أم و لا عم أشكيلة ... نار حبك

أبعت مراسيل و اكتب جوابات اشكيلك ... و اتألم
ساكتة و صابرة و راضية بأحوالك ... م_الأول
و انا كاتمة غرامى ... و غرامى هالكنى
وافديك بحياتى و روحى و اهلى و مالى ... و لا تسألش

روحى و قلبى و جسمى و عقلى و جمالى ... فى يدك
محتارة اعملك اية فى دلالك ... و ف_صدك
لية هاخبى غرامى ... و غرامى هالكنى
لأشكى و أبكى و أحكى بلك يا غزالى ... يلين قلبك

يا حبيبى تعالا الحقنى شوف اللى جرالي....من بعدك
سهرانه من واجبى باناجى خيالك ... مين قدك
و انا كاتمة غرامى، و غرامى هالكنى
و لا عندى لا أب و لا أم و لا عم أشكيلة ... نار حبك

Nawal al-Zoghbi - Strange Way of Thinkingنوال الزغبي - غريب الراي

Updated media and translation

I apologize for the video, you'll have to skip through the interview at the beginning to get to the song. It's the writer of the song, and he's talking about how Nawal wanted to make a song in the Gulf dialect and he wrote it etc.

Nawal al-Zoghbi - Strange Way of Thinking

You are the cause of my misfortunes,
my confusion and my misery
Love is for you alone
And you have a strange way of thinking

You made me live in confusion
And with worry and jelousy
You hurt my feelings, try being faithful with me

You lighted a fire in me
And you never cared
Have mercy if for once
And win, my darling, my satisfaction

Where has loyalty gone?
Its address is lost
Your injustice to me was enough to mess up my world

Oh the confusion of my eyes
The color of sadness is my color
My wounds are from you
My estrangement and my misfortune

My love, help me
Make a pact with me to love
Who do I complain to besides you?
You're my only wish and desire

نوال الزغبي - غريب الراي

إنت سبب بلواي يا حيرتي وشكواي
الحب ليك وحدك
وانت غريب الراي

عيشتني بحيرة
وبهم وبغيرة
يا جارح احساسي
عيش الوفا وياي

أشعلت بي ناري
وانت ولا داري
ارحم ولو مرة
واكسب حبيبي رضاي

وين الوفا وينه
ضاعت عناوينه
يكفيني من ظلمك
ضاقت علي دنياي

يا حيرة عيوني
لون الحزن لوني
جرحي أنا منك
يا غربتي وبلواي

يا خلي ساعدني
بالحب عاهدني
مين غيرك اشكي له
يا غايتي ومناي

Abdel Halim Hafez - I Dream of Youعبد الحليم حافظ - بحلم بيكBahlam Beek

Updated media and translation

Abdel Halim Hafez - Dream of You

I Dream of you, I dream of you
And with my longing I await you
And if you check up on me
It would be enough for me
I lived happy nights dreaming of you
I dream of you

I dream of you, my darling
You filled my days with joy
I dream of you, know since when
Since the first moment I knew I loved you
I've been dreaming of you, I love you
And you are my first and last love
And you are my life and my smile

I dream of a paradise that my imagination couldn't hold before I love you
I'm dreaming of you and it's as if you're right beside me all these nights
I keep on loving you and talking to you, my sweetheart
I call you by the most beautiful name my sweetheart

As long as my life lasts my darling
I'll wait for you forever my darling
Night and day I will say oh my darling
Nobody's told you about this longing I feel for you
Some day that longing will reach you and you can experience its nights

عبد الحليم حافظ - بحلم بك

بحلم بيك انا بحلم بيك
وباشواقي مستنيك
وان ما سائلتش فيا
يبقا كفاية عليا
عشت ليالي هنيا احلم بييك
انا بحلم بيك

بحلم بيك يا حبيبي انا
ياللي مليت ايامي هنا
بحلم بيك عارف من امتى
من اول ماعرفت احب
بحلم بيك وبحبك وانت
اول حب وآخر حب
وانت حياتي وابتساماتي

بحلم بالجنة الي خيالي
قبل الحب ماكانش يطولها
بحلم بيك وبيتهائلي
انك جمبي ليالي بطولها
وافضل احبك واحكيلك يا حبيب قلبي
باجمل اسم اناديلك يا حبيب قلبي

اد ما عمري يطول يا حبيبي
حستناك علطول يا حبيبي
ليلي نهاري بقول يا حبيبي
ياللي ماحدش قالك عالشوق اللي انا فيه
بكرة الشوق يوصلك وتجرب لياليه

Nancy Ajram - Yup and a Halfنانسي عجرم - آه ونصAh we Nos

Updated media and translation

This was perhaps Nancy's breakthrough song, and the lyrics don't completely make sense in English or Arabic. "Ah" means "yeah" or "yup" so "Ah we Nuss" means like "yeah and a half" which means "yes for sure." I've translated it as "yup and a half" to convey how ridiculous it sounds in Arabic.

Nancy Ajram - Yup and a Half

There's nothing that could come of this
Calm down, my darling, and be like you used to be
Listen to me, kid
And you'll spoil me and win me over as well

Darling come here
Look look look
You're mad? Get mad
Get mad but, but just half mad
Otherwise I'll stay away from you
Get away, yup and a half (meaning definitely)
And for sure you'll be the loser

Why all this?
Why are you acting like this?
You don't usually get bored
I'm tired, I've had a lot of sleepless nights
Calm down, that's enough, shame on you

This is a tiresome thing and as much as I'm a good person
I've been putting up with you for so long
Darling look how many years I've been patient
It's taken so much of my time

نانسي عجرم - آه ونص

مافيش حاجة تيجي كده
اهدا حبيبي كده وارجع زي زمان
يابني اسمعني
تاخد عيني كمان

حبيبي قرب
بص وبص بص
زعلان ازعل , ازعل نص نص
لاحسن هبعد, ابعد اه ونص
وهتبقى انت اكيد خسران

ليه ده كل ده
اخدت على كده
انت مابتزهقش ملام
تعبت يانا يانا ليالي حيرانه
اهدا بقى وكفاية حرام

دي حاجة متعبة
اكمني طيبة
مستحملاك وبقالي كتير
حبيبي شوف انا صبرت كام سنة خدت وقت معايا كبير

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fairuz - The People Asked Meفيروز - سألوني الناسSa'alouny el Nas

Mansour Rahbani wrote this song for his brother and partner Assi Rahbani when he fell ill. Of course, Fairuz was the wife of Assi at that time, and to top it off, Assi's son the budding talent Ziad Rahbani was asked to compose the music.

Fayrouz - The People Asked Me

The people have asked me about you, my darling
They've written letters and the wind took them
It's not easy for me to sing, my darling
When for the first time, we are not together

The people asked me about you, they asked me
I said "he's coming back, don't you dare blame me"
I closed my eyes fearing that the people would see me hiding you in my eyes (meaning she's thinking about him and caring for him)
And the wind picked up out of nowhere
For the first time, we are not together

He appeared in the night and said "light my way"
"The night found me and put out my lamp"
"Don't ask me how I found me"
"My heart was my guide to you"
"He who has suffered in longing has truly suffered"
For the first time, we are not together

فيروز - سألوني الناس

سألوني الناس عنك يا حبيبي
كتبوا المكاتيب و أخدها الهوا
بيعز عليي غني يا حبيبي
و لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

سألوني الناس عنك يا حبيبي
كتبوا المكاتيب و أخدها الهوا
بيعز عليي غني يا حبيبي
و لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

سألوني الناس عنك سألوني
قلتلن راجع أوعى تلوموني
سألوني الناس عنك سألوني
قلتلن راجع أوعى تلوموني
غمضت عيوني خوفي للناس
يشوفوك مخبى بعيوني
و هب الهوى و ما كان الهوى
لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

سألوني الناس عنك يا حبيبي
كتبوا المكاتيب و أخدها الهوا
بيعز عليي غني يا حبيبي
و لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

طل من الليل قالي ضويلي
لاقاني الليل و طفى قناديلي
طل من الليل قالي ضويلي
لاقاني الليل و طفى قناديلي
و لا تسأليني كيف إستهديت
كان قلبي لعندك دليلي
و اللي إكتوى بالشوق إكتوى
لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

سألوني الناس عنك يا حبيبي
كتبوا المكاتيب و أخدها الهوا
بيعز عليي غني يا حبيبي
و لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

سألوني الناس عنك يا حبيبي
كتبوا المكاتيب و أخدها الهوا
بيعز عليي غني يا حبيبي
و لأول مرة ما منكون سوا

Lyrics transcription from

Fairuz - I've Sent You My Soulفيروز - بعتلك روحيBaatilak Roohi

Composed by Ziad Rahbani, this song first appeared in the play "Nazl El Surour"

المتصفح الذي لديك لايدعم مشغل الأغاني. دبر حالك و روح نزل البرنامج أو .<A HREF="">اضغط هنا</A> لسماع الأغنية.

This second audio file is the original version from "Nazl El Srour" but I'm not sure who's singing it, not Fairuz though. If anyone knows please post a comment

Fairuz - I've Sent You My Soul

I've sent my soul over to you, my love, I've sent you my soul
And I said so long as you're leaving, take my soul with you

I'm afraid to send you my heart
If you've forgotten me and my love
I'll love you always, my darling
My soul is in your hands, my darling

فيروز - بعتلك روحي

بعتلك يا حبيب الروح بعتلك روحي
و قلتلك مادام حتروح خد معاك روحي

أنا خايفه وديلك قلبي
و تكون ناسيني و ناسي حبي
آه أنا عاشقة دايما يا حبيبي
روحي في إيدك يا حبيبي

Lyrics transcription from here

Joseph Saqer - It's a Bad Situationجوزيف صقر - الحالة تعبانةEl Hale Taabane

Joseph Saqr - It's a Bad Situation

It's a bad situation Layla
Looks like the engagement's off
You're rich, Layla and we're broke

You're in a valley, and we're in another valley
And every moment we're more apart
The floor of our house doesn't even have a carpet
And you're used to walking on feathers (ie something really fancy)

They confused you, they messed with your head
They kept at it until they changed you
They put a royal crown on your head
And you forget those who wear the Fezzes (the people who wear Fezzes or the Tarboush in Lebanon and Syria are the people who live a rural life in the mountains, ie not rich)

Oh I remember when we used to go to see you and you used to come see us
It seems that it's hard for he who has lived in happiness beside you to go back to living by himself

جوزيف صقر وزياد رحباني - الحالة تعبانة

الحالة تعبانة يا ليلى
خطبة ما فيش
انت غنية يا ليلى
ونحنا دراويش

انت بوادي ونحنا بوادي
وكل لحظة بعدنا زيادة
الارض اللي عندنا بلا سجادة
وانت معودة تمشي عالريش

الحالة تعبانة يا ليلى
خطبة ما فيش
انت غنية يا ليلى
ونحنا دراويش

احتاروا فيكي وحيروكي
ضلوا حتى غيروكي
لبسوك تاج ملوكي
ونسيتي اهل الطرابيش

الحالة تعبانة يا ليلى
خطبة ما فيش
انت غنية يا ليلى
ونحنا دراويش

اس الله لمن كنت وكنا
نجي لعندك وتجي لعنا
تاري اللي عاش حدك وتهنى
صعبة يرجع وحده يعيش

الحالة تعبانة يا ليلى
خطبة ما فيش
انت غنية يا ليلى
ونحنا دراويش
خطبة ما فيش ااااه خطبة ما فيش

Lyrics transcription from here

Joseph Saqer - Living All By Herself Without Youجوزيف صقر - عايشة وحدها بلاكAyshe Wahda Balak

This is a legendary song from the play "Bil nisba lebukra shou (بالنسبة لبكرا شو)" composed by Ziad Rahbani and performed by Joseph Saqr. The video isn't, but the audio file I've provided is the original performed by Joseph Saqr.

Joseph Saqr - Living All By Herself Without You

Living all by herself without you
And without your love, my boy
Quit talking about your love for her
The whole country is laughing at you

You love her? Yeah, you love her
But she couldn't care less about you

Living all by herself without you
Disgusted by God and your heaven
What has God afflicted you with my boy?

Living by herself and comfortable
Seriously, soooo comfortable without you
She has killer eyes, it makes no difference if you care about her
She said to you "melt me with your love" and you melted and she didn't
It's not the first time, before that it's happened 100 times
They can't figure out what you're thinking, nor do they know what will cure you

You're telling me it's a sign that her eyes are always pointed at you
Whenever she comes through the neighborhood I see her looking at everyone
Quit analyzing your life, hand over those analyses of yours
From one time to the next you're going backwards
The children of our neighborhood never knew how to love, except you

جوزيف صقر وزياد رحباني - عايشة وحدا بلاك

عايشة وحدها بلاك
وبلا حبك يا ولد
حاج تحكي عن هواك
ضحكت عليك البلد

بتحبها أيه بتحبها
لاكن هي فيك ياما بلاك

عايشة وحدها بلاك
وعايفة الله وسماك
شو الله بلاك ياولد

عايشة وحدها و مرتاحة ولو شو مرتاحة بلاك
يا أبو العيون الدباحة مش فارق معها حنان
دوبني دوب دبت وهيى مدابت مش اول مرة قبلها مئة مرة
لا قدروا فهمو عئلاتك ولا قدروا عرفو دواك

قايللي في إشارة بعيونها صوبك بتدل
كل ما بتمرق بالحارة بشوفها تطلع بالكل
حاجي تحلل بحياتك تسلملي تحليلاتك
من مرة لمرة عم ترجع لورا
ولاد الحارة كلون أبداً عرفوا حبوا من عداك

Souad Massi - My Boyسعاد ماسي - يا وليديYa Wleedy

This song is off of Souad Massi's album entitled "Deb." Big thanks to Mohamed Salah who has provided an interpretation of the song in Egyptian Arabic in his blog, so that I can arrive at a translation.

Souad Massi - My Boy

You must get up early, my boy
And go run off to school, my boy
To become learned and educated, my boy
And be better than all the other kids, my boy
And as you get older, my boy
May your mind remain strong, my boy
And may you understand the world, my boy
Until you have a strong personality, my boy
You must get up, get up, early my boy

May you be proud, my boy
And choose whom you talk to and who you don't, my boy
And anyone that upsets you, stay away from him, my boy
And anyone that upsets you, stay away from him, my boy
May you be able to wreak havoc, my boy
And when things get serious, battle
You must get up, get up, early my boy

سعاد ماسي - يا ولدي

لازم تنوض بكري... ياوليدي
وتروح القراية تجري... ياوليدي
باش تخرج لينا قاري... ياوليدي
وتفوت كامل الدراري... ياوليدي
وبتكبر شوية... ياوليدي
وتولي عندك عقلية... ياوليدي
وتولي تفهم الدنيا... ياوليدي
حتى تولي شخصية...
لازم تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض بكري

تولي علينا تتكبر... ياوليدي
تخير ما عمن تقصر... ياوليدي
واللي قالقك يتغبر... ياوليدي
واللي قالقك يتغبر... ياوليدي
تولي اتهدم واتخرب... ياوليدي
وفي وقت الصح تحارب... ياوليدي
تولي اتهدم واتخرب... ياوليدي
وفي وقت الصح تحارب...
لازم تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض تنوض بكري

Lyrics transcription and Egyptian Arabic explanation from here

Joseph Saqer - The Busجوزيف صقر - البوسطةEl Bosta

This song is taken from one of the plays of Ziad Rahbani entitled "Nazl El Surour" or "Happy Inn" and is performed by Joseph Saqr. This song is hugely famous in Lebanon and Syria and was later performed by Fairuz. For that version click here.

Tannourine is where the cedar tree reserve is found in Lebanon, one of the few places where you can still find old Lebanese cedars growing.

Joseph Saqr - The Bus

Upon the rumble of the bus that was carrying us from the village of Hamlaya to the village of Tannourine I remembered you, oh Aaliyah, and I remember your eyes
God damn your eyes are so pretty Aaliyah

We were riding the bus in this heat and dying of exhaustion
One guy's eating lettuce, another guy's eating figs
And there's another guy with his wife
Wow, his wife is so ugly
Lucky them, their minds are completely empty, the Tannourine passengers
They don't know your eyes, Aaliyah
They're so beautiful

We were riding the bus, riding without paying
Sometimes we shut up the door for the driver
Sometimes we shut up the passengers
That guy who's hear with his wife, he's turning red and his wife got dizzy
I swear he'd let her get out by herself at Tannourine if he saw your eyes, oh Aaliyah
They're so beautiful

جوزيف صقر - البوسطة

موعود بعيونك أنا موعود
وشو قطعت كرمالن ضيع وجرود
فأنت عيونك سود
مانك عارفة شو بيعملوا فيي

عهدير البوسطة اللي كانت ناقلتنا
في ضيعة حملايا على ضيعة تنّورين
تذكرتك يا عليا
وتذكرت عيونك
يخرب بيت عيونك يا عليا شو حلوين

نحنا كنا طالعين
بهشوب وفطسانين
واحد عمياكل خس
وواحد عم ياكل تين
وفي واحد هو ومرتو
ولو شو بشعة مرتو
نيالن ما أفضا بالن
ركاب تنورين
ومش عارفين
عيونك يا عليا شو حلوين

نحنا كنا طالعين
طالعين ومش دافعين
ساعى نهديلو البال
ساعة نهدي الركاب
هيدا اللي هو ومرتو
عباء وداخت مرتو
وحياتك كان يتركها
تطلع وحدها عا تنورين
لو بيشوفو عيونك يا عليا
شــــو حلويــن

Wael Kfoury - What's Making You Cryوائل كفوري - شو مبكيكيShou Mbekiki

I'm pretty certain that this video is clips from a bollywood movie and not the actual music video for the song based on the 10 seconds I saw.

المتصفح الذي لديك لايدعم مشغل الأغاني. دبر حالك و روح نزل البرنامج أو .<A HREF="">اضغط هنا</A> لسماع الأغنية.

Wael Kfoury - What's Making You Cry

I wanna know what's making you cry
If you're upset with me I'll make you feel better
Let the whole world get upset, as long as you don't get upset my life
Every time a tear drops from your cheek, I don't recover (or I'm not myself) for a week
Lost unable to find myself
And I'm just not me

Unless I see you smile, I cannot rest
Let your eyes speak of passion
Until you are at ease and forget what has happened
I'll keep speaking beautiful words to you

وائل كفوري - شو مبكيكي

بدي اعرف شو مبكيكي
مني زعلاني براضيكي
تزعل هالدني
وماتزعل حياتي انا
كل ماتنزل منك دمعه
ببقى مش على بعضي جمعه
ضايع مابلاقي حالي
وانا مش انا

الا ماشوف الضحكه مش ممكن ارتاح
خلي عينيكي تحكي غرام
حتى تكوني مرتاحه وتنسي يلي راح
ببقى احكي لك احلى كلام

Lyrics transcription from here

Ragheb Alama - Make Me Forget the World راغب علامة - نسيني الدنياNessini El Donya

Updated media and lyrics

Ragheb Alama - Make Me Forget the World

Make me forget the world
Make me forget the world
Melt me darling
And make me tell you the most beautiful things
If there were thousand worlds
If there were thousand worlds
It wouldn't be possible for me to find a love like this

If I tell you I love you
The word love would be nothing compared to how I feel for you
If I'm away from you for a second
I return to, longing for your eyes
Hold me, stay here with me
Cmon let's live the most beautiful days

It was the most beautiful day in my life
The day I met you, my life
I can't go on without you
Without even thinking
I was melting in your love
You took me from everyone
I felt the most beautiful feelings
And I forgot the world with you darling

I carry you inside me
And this world as my witness
I'm by your side and I love you
I could never forget you darling
I hope the years go on
And I stay loving you all the way
Oh how I've dreamed to be with you

راغب علامة - نسيني الدنيا

نسيني الدنيا
نسيني العالم
دوبني حبيبي
وسبني اقولك احلي كلام
لو الف الدنيا
لو الف العالم
مش ممكن زي غرامك انت الاقي غرام

لو اقولك اني بحبك
الحب شوية عليك
لو ثانية انا ببعد عنك
برجع مشتاق لعنيك
ضمني خليك وياية
دوبني ودوب في هواية
تعال نعيش اجمل ايام

كان اجمل يوم في حياتي
يوم ماقابلتك ياحياتي
ماقدرتش اتحمل من غيرك
ماافكر لحظة
لقيتني بدوب في هواك
خدتني من كل الناس
عشت في اجمل احساس
ونسيت ياحبيبي الدنيا معاك
آه ه ه ه

انا شايلك جوه عنيّه
والدنيا دي شاهده عليّه
انا جنبك وبحبك
مش ممكن اقدر انا يا حبيبي انساك
بتمني العمر يطول
وافضل احبك علي طول
ده انا ياما حلمت اكون وياك
آه ه ه ه